The world we live in today makes it difficult to physically take the time to write something down. There are two forces moving against us. One, our brains think faster than we can write, whereas we can type at a pace similar to our thoughts. This naturally makes us want to type versus write. The second force is that in a time where things are instantly provided to us via the clicks of a button, sitting down and being patient with your own words and thoughts is more tedious than it was for prior generations.

There are a lot of benefits that come from patiently writing, instead of rapidly typing. You see, our thoughts are fast and unfiltered. The ability to type a thought takes us away from reviewing what we thought of. Writing takes more time. It allows for other emotions to resonate while we put pen to paper, and naturally filters out thoughts that seemed relevant at the time. The reason is the first thing that comes to mind is typically a brash emotion. It is far from a carefully thought out rational idea. Now, physically writing isn’t a guarantee that you’ll only put down wonderfully produced objective thoughts, but it is unquestionably better than typing.

The art of writing allows you to slow things down. It enables you to put things into perspective. This is a tremendous asset. Imagine a time when you experienced a heightened state of emotion. This could be fear, disappointment, sadness, or excitement. Typing about the moment is going to take these elevated feelings and rapidly express the irrational, unchecked thought. You’ll take the rawest form of your emotions and put it out into the world using your own words in an instant. This can be quite dangerous for two reasons. First, you haven’t let the dust settle in your own mind. Therefore, you are not evaluating how you feel once the emotion subsides. Second, you’re more prone to express this emotion publicly via a text, email, or post for someone, or multiple people to see. Later on you can almost guarantee that when you review what you wrote, you’ll ask yourself why you felt that way. You’ve now had time to settle down, and you’ll notice the words you typed were far too expressive.

Here’s a few things you can do to help yourself moving forward. First, journal your thoughts. You will better the chance of discovering how you truly feel about a particular situation. You’ll likely realize you’re overreacting in some way or another. However, there will be some times that even when you write, you’ll find that you are justified in your emotions. The second thing you can implement is writing important texts, or emails prior to sending them. Or, type them, but save them as a draft. Revisit it in a little bit. This will allow you to relax, and then review the note at an hour when your thoughts have eased.

Be patient. Take a little time to sit back and let your brain calm down. Words matter. Often, we say or send words that we cannot take back. You do not want to make a mistake. This is often avoidable if you physically write and use it as a buffer between your irrational thoughts and rational words.


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