Judge Accomplishments

What if I told you Just this list of achievements?

1 – Your taxes would be lower. You literally will pay the government less for many years to come.

2 – Corporate taxes would be lower, allowing companies to pass on the savings to you in three ways – directly to their employees, to consumers in prices, and shareholders in increased equity.

3 – Paris Accord would be defeated but not dead. Simply put, the US was going to spend a lot of money for this deal, while not necessarily benefitting much.

4 – The Supreme Court would do what it always has done – pivot back to another party lean for a decade. This prevents the executive and legislative branches from being unchecked by the electorate.

5 – You would be safer. You would know ISIS is weakened, not defeated, but bludgeoned.

6 – You would be safer. You would be witness to one of the Earth’s longest Wars in that of the Korean War … end!

7 – You would be safer. A deal with Iran in 2015 would be paused and ultimately strengthens to further pressure the Ayatollahs.

8 – You would have an elected leader who does what he says. Means what he speaks. Promises what he can deliver on.

9 – You would have an elected leader who loves his country. An elected leader who wants nothing more but to extend the success he has had to all of those in the country he loves.

10 – You would have a leader who meets with all people, listens to everyone, and at his core is a populist. He will do for his country what the majority want. He will help those affected by opioids. He will try to help those in poverty. He will do all he can, despite everyone around him trying to prevent just that.

What if I gave you this list back in 2015? Would you want this person to run your country? Given that some thought.


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