This Is America

I don’t want to spend too much time on this, but I do want to throw my hat in the ring.

Happy that in 2018 an artist came out with a music video that was thoughtful, provocative, and got most of the country speaking about it.

Happy that the root of the message (to me) makes sense. We have crime and violence in this wonderful country, and we typically forget about it and go back to our consumed lives soon after.

Disappointed in such a dark overall view of this great country. I refuse to see America as that. I understand the message, and to a degree, it is relevant, but that’s all. America is a wonderful country and it offers it’s residents incredible opportunity. There are problems, but not to the point that Glover makes. He is looking at a large country through a magnifying glass. That is fine. Most people tend to. I try and combine macro and micro elements. On the macro front, we in America are fortunate for a variety of reasons. On the micro front, we all deal with respective issues, and some may be bigger than others, but that doesn’t mean America is causing your problems.

I’m an optimist. I’m a realist person, too. I refuse to let my mind accept the view he paints of America. Great video, resonating message, but not a sweeping message.


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