Met Gala & Catholicism

If you’ve read about me in this blog, you’ll know I am a devout Catholic. If you haven’t read that yet, now you can – or you can trust me without digging up that post. Anyways, let me talk about the tiny ‘drama’ we are hearing today. It comes from two fronts. First, cultural appropriation is back, but mainly being mocked on the right because last night was acceptable, yet the Chinese Prom dress was not. Front number two – stereotyping liberal celebrities as non-religion, and certainly not Catholic, therefore, this makes a mockery of sorts of my religion – especially Rhianna and her Pope outfit.

Let me address point one first. This is the weakest way of mud slinging on both sides of the aisle. It’s the school playground argument. Last week (insert name here) did (insert something silly here) that, so why can’t I do it today? Come on now. That’s the weakest argument in town. To quote a former First Lady, “when (they) go low, (we) go high.” You decided who’s going low and high.

Front number two. The Catholic / Liberal / Celebrity connection and everyone dressing up in tradition Catholic garments. I take zero issue it, follow many Catholic Priests/Sisters and can say most of them took no issue with it as well. Personally, I thought it was really neat. I liked how celebrities combined with designers and rocked amazing outfits designed after my church’s religious leaders garments. Totally OK in my book. I wouldn’t mind if they did it again! The outfits looked incredible, plus, what’s wrong with having the Catholic Church put in the spotlight for a good/fun cause for a night. I’m all in!


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