Philadelphia Eagles & The White House

Two thoughts –

First, enough with White House visits. It is a silly precedent that has been going on far too long. It’s outdated, and becoming far too disorganized. I have a few suggestions to improve it –

  1. The MVP, coach, owner are the only invites. They can come, meet the President, tour the White House, and address a cause of theirs with the President. This would be a similar visit to when Kim Kardashian just visited. Make it a small group. Make it a quick photo op. Make it about a cause that is special to the MVP who won the championship.
  2. Don’t invite anyone and completely end the tradition. This avoid any conflict of interest, confusion, and media attention.
  3. Ask the team to collectively contribute one cause/concern they would like the President and his Cabinet to discuss or comment on. Send an ambassador / mini delegation if you’d like.
  4. Instead of the team going, send a group of fans, or children. Make it a special moment for a short list of fans that have devoted their time to following your team. Or, invite under privileges children in the community, or sick children from the community. Let them have a special day with the President at the White House while calling attention to a cause (poverty or childhood illness).

Second Thought –

Media: Slow Down your reporting! It is being reported on multiple outlets that he reasoning for his cancellation of the event was that a very small group from the team was going to participate. Also, the team tried to reschedule the event when the President was gone. Now, Trump is also guilty. He made his tweet very misleading to the fact. He didn’t need to fan the flames. My point is, everyone needs to calm down before they type their 140-characters. I understand in this era, everyone wants to be first to the story, but we need credibility and honesty. Relax!


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