Trump, Media, Twitter

Trump and the media are playing a game of chicken on the world stage for all of us to witness real-time.

He is undoubtedly trolling, teasing, taunting them.

They are undoubtedly trolling, teasing, taunting him.

We are collectively watching, tweeting, viewing, liking, re-tweeting, and sharing.

It’s as if Trump, in conjunction with the media, are running a reality show on a minute by minute basis – and we are the viewers.

It is childish. It’s silly. It’s dumb. It’s overdue to stop.

How does it stop?

  • The media stops taking the bait
  • Trump stops taking the bait
  • We stop taking the bait

We know we will continue to click, so count us out.

Do we really trust the media to regress to their mundane ways and readopt their journalistic standards? Fat chance.

Do we really trust Trump to stop poking the bear? No.

So, how does this end?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I’ll end with this –

Twitter was on the verge of bankruptcy pre-Trump. Today, it was invited to join the S&P 500


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