Twitter and the Lunatic Fringe

It is remarkable how fast Twitter’s CEO gave into pressure to disavow his alleged endorsement of Chick Fil A. The Twitter mob is amazing. How amazing? So amazing that the owner and creator of Twitter even had to cave to it! Let that sink in. This is an example of a real life Frankenstein. Twitter has become an untamed beast that not even its maker can govern. Let that thought sink in.

To me, where does it end? When can we stop letting the lunatic fringe win these arguments, and allow civil discourse to reign supreme? I am confident the majority in this nation do not look at his actions as an endorsement of anti-LBGT values. In fact, the vast majority of Chick Fil A patrons are not anti-LBGT. Let’s think of the connection the lunatic fringe is making. You eat at a restaurant. Said restaurant has a CEO who is devout Christian. Said owner takes his religion literal, therefore, doesn’t believe in the socially governed policy of marriage equality. The patron eating at the owner’s restaurant enjoys the food, expresses his satisfaction, and is now an advocate for anti-LBGT. How is this rational thought?

We have to stop allowing the loudest people, who complain the most, be the judge, jury and executioner. Enough.

No one in this country wins when the rational folks remain quiet. Not in a day and age when it is so easy to express your voice, rally a group of supporters, and create change. I understand those with the most rational thought do not want to participate in these engagements. That is why they are rational. The problem is, we cannot afford to have the rational sit idly by. Twitter is too powerful a vehicle, and the lunatic fringe is behind the wheel.

I want to be clear about my point. I am using this as yet another example of rapid response causing a quick reaction. These pivots. Subtle at best. They mean something. They add up. They result in enough change, and set enough precedent, that they now matter. This isn’t reality. This isn’t how an argument works. It isn’t how an idea progresses. Or, am I wrong? Is this how society is evolving? It is something to ponder. I know one thing, regardless of the outcome. Twitter needs more rational people. Twitter needs more users. It isn’t going away, and its popularity will maintain, at worst. The one-offs that have occurred in recent years will become norms unless more rational behavior overpowers the lunatic fringe.


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