Trump and North Korea

I would define the moment as refreshing. American political affairs have been loud most the Trump presidency. Tonight, the pundits do not matter. The only thing that matters is what our nation’s leader and his cabinet discuss with Kim and his confidants.

This is diplomacy in real-time for all the world to see. It is a proud moment for America. We are collectively displaying for the world what makes our country exceptional.

It was over ten-years ago during one of Bush’s State Of The Union speeches that he addressed North Korea as part of his ‘Axis of Evil,’ yet minimal progress resulted. Eight years of Obama foreign policy left our country in a similar position. Trump received a warning from Obama about North Korea on Inauguration Day. Obama told Trump this was his biggest fear. Our President heeded the warning. He took the threat seriously, and through his drastically unorthodox ways, he brought America to this point.

This will be a long road, but it switches the direction we were going. Decades of struggle for the North Koreans (potentially) changed with this moment. That shift cannot be understated. The shift could bring about unprecedented progress for the isolated nation. The rights of millions of North Koreans will hopefully be advanced with these talks. Time will tell, along with more discussions, if the people of North Korea can improve their lives from this moment on. As a citizen of the world, I hope my previous sentence comes true.

Trump simply wants to talk to you and make a deal. We all would be wise to understand that. His wish is to better the lives of the American citizens. That’s it. The formula isn’t difficult. He wants to sit down at the table with you, listen, engage, and try to make the changes necessary to advance your cause.

The problems are many. Congress is an ally, yet not by much. The Senate barely concerns themselves with his prerogatives. The courts try to stop him, and let us not forget the media. These are problems all presidents have the fortune of dealing with. It is what makes our political system so magnificent.

Trump will continue having conversations. More people will line up to speak with him, which will only expand his accomplishments, or attempts. His coalition should continue to expand. His true test will be how he can orchestrate deals with the lawmakers. They are the most difficult to broker agreements with. His success hinges on his negotiating and deal making.

For now, let’s take the time to celebrate this moment.


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