Change. A series devoted to one word. Part 1

Change presents us with the following options.

  • You can resist it.
  • You can embrace it.
  • You can be the one creating it.

You fall into some combination of the three before mentioned lines.

The most recent relevant change began with technological advancements. The most obvious one being the Internet. The Internet has brought with it amazing connectivity, which in turn supplies the world with a voice, knowledge, and an ability to see and experience more than ever before.

This sounds fantastic for all of us. Think of it this way. The world before the Internet had natural limitations. Geography being the most relevant. One could not connect with another simply because of the distance. One could not experience life or understand another perspective because of the mileage between the two. One could not share an experience, or fact, or option with anyone beyond their respective community. The limitations that Earth naturally put on us are broke with the Internet.

Connecting humans allows for a better understanding of the difficult lives people have lived. History has brutalities from all sorts of people. Nazism, Spanish Inquisition, Slavery, Communist regimes in Mao’s China and Stalin’s Russia to name some of the most egregious. These are Historical events most people have learned, but what about other instances of injustice or difficulty put on one’s life? Those are not taught. It was difficult for one to know of these instances in the past. They were either witnessed first hand, heard about through social interactions, or read in a paper, book, or journal. Today, one can witness those moments without being there with technological advancements allowing for the capturing of video and audio evidence, and the ability to publish the instance on the Internet for the world to view. The moment can also be expressed in words and brought to the Internet for the world to read and understand. Instantly. This changes one’s perspective in ways that were never before available

Civilizations formed with a class system, simultaneously. One’s true ability to move up in the class ranks, regardless of the system one was living in has largely been based on a few things, regardless of free will.

  • You were born into riches, and your last name entitled you to success
  • You acquired land
  • The color of your skin
  • The religious group you were part of
  • Your gender
  • The skills you were fortunate to acquire and develop at an early age

The world has always been a difficult place, divided into classes. The classes typically created a system where the deck has been against you from birth. Few entitled people, and those that were, were often reluctant to share.

This has all changed

How so?

The Internet grants everyone with access to something they never had access to before.


Knowledge is the most valuable gift the Internet provides the world. Think of the knowledge out there.

  • One can watch videos from their residence to develop a trade
  • One can read countless pieces of information to expand their insight on a subject
  • One can listen to the ideas of many to aid them in starting a business

The possibilities are endless. The ability is unlike never before. One is not restricted access to the knowledge, like the past. One is not held back. One can do anything with this knowledge. 

  • The old world had geographic barriers that were naturally created obstructing connectivity
  • The old world had systems that kept people down
  • The old world restricted knowledge

Today, geography is not the problem. Today, the system has shattered. Today, one can acquire unlimited knowledge to do what they wish.

We will witness endless amounts of change. Systems are changing before our eyes. We are watching people amount to power and success in ways that would have never been able to do so before. We can see injustices and fight for better lives. The world will continue to change. This is not stopping. This will, in fact, speed up.

What do you do about it?

  • You can resist it.
  • You can embrace it.
  • You can be the one creating it.

You fall into some combination of the three before mentioned lines.



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