They are the worst, but you have to do your best to overcome them. Here’s a step by step process as to how you can.

  1. It is Ok to admit there’s been a setback in your life. Come to terms with it.

  2. Remember where you were before the course of your life became altered. What was going well? What would you like to continue doing? What were you aspiring for next?

  3. How can this setback alter those plans? Write it down. Examine the new situation.

  4. How will you get back to where you were before the setback? Do you even want to? Maybe, the setback was a blessing in disguise. What do you need to do to get to where you want to go, and what’s a realistic timeframe?

  5. Monitor and track of your progress. Keep moving forward, but allow for bad days. This will take time, and it will not be easy, but that’s Ok. You have this under control.

  6. Officially set out on your new course and watch yourself become a new person.

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