Positive Thoughts & Activity

Give this a try to see what happens. It’s pretty simple, too.

Every day, do at least one positive activity. Always try to think positive thoughts.

See the positivity in everything. Try to do as many positive activities each day.

You can slip up. That’s fine. You can have naysayers tell you something negative. That’s fine. You just keep moving forward, and turn the negativity around to positivity.

Life is nice and easy when you only see the good in it. Life can bring you down. And it will. You have the choice for how long you want to stay down. Train your brain to always have the strength to turn it around.

How do you do it?

Track your positive activities. See how many you can do in a day. Or a week. What is a positive activity? Anything. Moments of prayer or being grateful are positive activities. Writing  your ideas and thoughts in a journal. Reading a book or educating yourself to a new topic or current event. Helping someone in need. It could be something simple, such as, giving someone some food or money, to helping someone cross the street, or offering directions.

Do you ever walk by someone and think that person seemed lost? Stop and ask them what you can do to help. Make sure you start the sentence open-ended. Make them think before they answer. Don’t ask ‘Are you ok?’ We all answer ‘yes’ to that. It is mindless reply. Even when we’re not Ok, we say we are. How are you doing? Even this can trigger the standard ‘Ok, and you?’ What about, ‘How are you doing, right now?’ Or, ‘How are you doing, today?’ Change it up. Provoke though. Get to know the real situation.

Many things can classify as positive activity . It could be choosing to eat healthy as opposed to fast food, or making the choice to cook at home versus ordering out. Saving money versus spending. Ride a bike or walk versus a car. Stay late at work to get ahead instead of leaving early. Or leave early to enjoy a few hours of solitude and mediation on a day with good weather. It is entirely subjectiveMake it what you believe would be positive for your life. 

Track the positivity. Keep it up. Ensure you’re doing enough of it. Fill your brain with positive thoughts. Monitor your progress.

When engaging in dialogue with someone speak from the heart. Always see the positive side. Train yourself to end on high notes. Offer value and not meaningless content. Provide substance, ideas, and solutions. Why discuss people or current events? Discuss ideas. Encourage though provoking discussions. Train your brain to offer an endless supply of positive solutions.

Just love

Love others

Love the world

Love strangers

Love enemies

Love those who disagree with you

Just love

Read this and make it happen. Make it a part of your life. Flush your cynicism away. What value does it offer you? Imagine looking at every situation with an optimistic result as opposed to a cynical ending. Imagine how much better off you could be with that way of thinking.


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