Are Millennials the most confused generation? Well, just look at how they date. They literally swipe right or left on one picture of someone’s face. In turn, they base said picture entirely on who they want to potentially date. It doesn’t look good for everyone’s favorite generation to poke fun at. Speaking of, how many of these commentary pieces about Millennials are actually written by a Millennial. Not many. 

It isn’t all bad. It is safe to say that the Millennial generation gives Baby Boomers a run for their money in terms of coddling. In fact, Boomers didn’t receive much coddling until later on in life. Despite the jabs at Millennials, Corporate America has done an exceptional job bending to most of their needs. Look at the ways travel, food, nightlife, entertainment, housing, education, and fitness have evolved in the past decade. It is tough to find one area of evolution and not credit Millennials with the reason. 

Yet, it still hasn’t been enough for this group. The studies still show problems, and serious ones at that. First, let us address the elephant in the room. Student Loan Debt. This is unquestionably the largest problem, but it is hardly the only one. Mental health issues, discomfort in the workplace, a lack of home ownership, along with marrying and having children later in life. All of these are things Millennials are dealing with.

Who is helping? It is pretty easy to find articles related to self-help, but where are the articles demanding help for the Millennial generation itself. Where are the writers talking about their struggles, trials and tribulations in a way that calls action to them, versus poking fun at it. Where is the relevant substance that can truly be used to make the life of a Millennial better? That is not as easy to dig up.

The Millennial generation is connected more than anyone, yet isn’t using their connectedness for good. Think of it this way. The Millennials are all quite aware of each other’s problems, but where is the help? Where is the collective action? Boomers understood each other’s problems. They fought for change, and rallied for the revolutions they created. You haven’t seen much of that from a generation that seemingly appears to be all bark but no bite.

Who is a Millennial folk hero? Bernie Sanders? You mean a 77-year old white dude from Vermont understands what the 26-year old woman in Kansas City is dealing with? Come on. Why is it that there aren’t many actual Millennials trying to step up and fight for the rest of us? Who is fighting for our assistance regarding our piling debt? Who is asking tough questions regarding our mental health, but also finding out ways to fix it for us? Where are these heroes? We have the wrong leaders, and we only have ourselves to blame. After all, we created them with our clicks.

Look at who Millennials elevated. The Kardashians. Jay-Z & Beyonce. Taylor Swift. The Rock. Selena Gomez. Kevin Hart. Gigi Hadid. Lebron. Kanye. Cardi B. Bieber. Oh yeah, we can’t forgot 9GAG, Barstool, FatJew and FuckJerry. You see, other generations weren’t incredible role models, hence the generational shifts, but they did get some stuff right. They had leaders and folk heroes who actually fought for their rights and needs. They had FDR, MLK, and JFK. We have AOC?

Millennials have no idea what they want. This is what happens when the first generation grows up on the Internet. Take food for example, and look at Millennials over the past ten years. Ten years ago most Millennials didn’t eat McDonald’s because we grew up being told it is unhealthy. Today, it is one of the most popular restaurants among the group. How about how Millennials diet. They’ve gone from whole grains, to brown rice, to gluten-free. Meat went from organic, to grass fed, to meat that isn’t even technically meat now, but hey, at least it bleeds. Milk went fat-free, to soy, to almond, and now goat. Tea was normal, and then became green, and now matcha.

Have Millennials eaten every combination of food in the past ten years? Check out the trends. They are constantly evolving. ‘Healthy eating’ is based on minimal science yet most parade around acting as if it’s gospel.

Let’s take a trip down the mind of a Millennial and discover more things they have no idea about.

  • When, or if they get married
  • Have a kid
  • Buy a home
  • Sustain a job
  • Where to live
  • Where to travel next
  • What workout to do
  • What diet to follow
  • What podcast to listen to
  • What music festival to attend
  • What website to trust to get their news

Millennials are constantly running. They’re running from themselves without asking themselves why.

This is what happens when the first generation able to connect digitally comes of age. Everyone sees the new experience, idea, trend, etc. via social media and tries to adopt, replicate, or personally take part in it. That is the problem. Who among Millennials is acting as an actual individual anymore? Who the hell can even tell? It seems you cannot even figure out where one trend ends and another starts these days. Is Tulum even cool anymore? Or, does the next trip need to be Machu Picchu? Where can I find the secret beach that only Instagram models know about? 

Everyone has these bucket lists that they have to check off to keep up with other Millennials.

Been to Coachella? Cool, but what about Burning Man?

Went to Ireland? Yeah, but what about Kenya?

Wearing a pair of Nikes? OK, but what about Yeezys?

Go to yoga this week? Sweet, but what about spin?

Seriously, it never ends. It is like Millennials are living in a constant game of Keeping Up With The Joneses, but no one even knows who the fuck the Jones Family is, or where the hell they even live!

It is interesting to think of this. Do you watch shows like Stranger Things because you want to or you feel you need to keep up? Did you play Fantasy Football this season because you wanted to or you needed to? Do you go to spin class because you have fun and want to be there, or because you feel obligated?

Maybe, just maybe, Millennials are wacky in the head because they do not know what they want to do as an individual. They haven’t been able to spend the time, sit down in quiet, and get to know who they really are. They just continue to go down the road of groupthink. They lump themselves in with the rest, ensure they keep up, and attempt to perfectly curate their life like those they see through the lens of social media. Maybe Millennials need to check out for a bit. Go figure out who they really want to be as a person. Maybe Millennials need to stop trying to keep up.

Let yourself fall behind, if you will. 

It is time for Millennials to stop thinking, trying, and being like everyone else. Who knows? That may cure their anxiety. Being their own person may make them feel wanted at the workplace. Separating themselves from the rest might help put them on their own path to financial independence.

It seems like the problem with most Millennials is sitting in front of them. It is them. They need to look in the mirror, look at their device, and figure out how to fix their own life while they stop worrying about the lives of others.

Go on your own trips.

Seek out what you know you actually like.

Learn to say no.

Learn to let the pack go ahead of you.

Let them.

They’ll run out of Dad’s trust fund at some point, or maybe fall off the cliff while snapping that selfie in Tasmania. Either way, stop caring.

Oh yeah, moving to Brooklyn, wearing weird glasses, buying a record player, and exclusively sitting in coffee shops is not the answer. Create your own life!


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