A few years back Kellyanne Conway used the phrase alternative facts in a discussion with a journalist who didn’t align with her ideology. This caused quite the uproar.

Throughout the year, we have seen Democrats mock Republicans for their disregard of science, while they (the left) preach science as undisputed fact.

In Ancient Roman times, an evangelizing St. Paul faced opposition from those who felt threatened by his preaching. They did what they could to distort his words.

How do all three connect? We humans have ideologies that make up who we are. This comes from years, if not decades, of education, life experiences, family values, and religious morals. When we hear something that goes against our foundation, our first instinct is to feel threatened. When we feel this way we fight back. If the battle is deemed worth fighting, manipulation is used as a tactic to discredit the speaker and change the narrative. It’s a story as old as the Bible. It’s why Ms. Conway was mocked for referring to alternative facts, and why Democrats preach science as Gospel. The facts fall out the window as soon as we feel boxed in. Emotions rise, logic and reason are abandoned, and our human nature to fight back kicks in. This is what makes an election so unbelievably contentious. It’s why those who use Facebook, or other mediums, to debate, persuade, or educate others often fail. And, when they fail, it creates quite the spectacle for those to see. Why? Because, emotions takeover and over rule all sense of practicality.

I could write for days to try and sway you to vote a certain way with logic. You would read it and likely disagree with me at some point through the piece. Once you disagree, your mentality to discredit me kicks in, and I’ve lost your sense of reason. Now, I’m only winning you back by appealing to your emotions. Your emotions, which must align with your ideological background. If I fail in doing so, I’ll never win you back.

This is why the art, or deception of politicking is so stunning. It’s why, even the most educated people in the room lose their cool, or have the inability to convince you they’re right and you’re wrong. It’s why the nation’s greatest showman drives people up the wall. You see, Trump only appeals to emotions. He’s one of the best politicians any generation has ever seen. He doesn’t try to win you over with facts and figures. He strictly appeals to your emotions and tries to galvanize support by capitalizing on your ideology.

The Democrats with Biden/Harris have to overcome Trump’s emotional appeal with voters. They already have a solid foundation of support through a variety of groups. First, those who are ideologically aligned with the vast platform that is the Democrat Party. Second, those who have wavered from Trump because while they ideologically align with him, they’re too emotionally stirred up to overcome the fact that Trump isn’t presidential, but instead an entertainer trying to maintain support.

The final two groups are the select few in a batch of states that will decide this election and pave the future of America. First, there are the voters who will leave Trump because he’s emotionally too much for them after four years, and despite all the logic in the world telling them he aligns with their ideology, they temperamentally cannot handle it anymore. It’s become too strenuous for them. They’ll likely come to regret their choice sooner rather than later, because they’re abandoning their foundational beliefs, but logic has been overruled by emotion.

The second portion of this final group are the those who ideologically fit either side of the American political parties dependent on the moment in their life. Your Independent voters. Yes, they do exist. The question for them is where do their emotions take them? Do they get emotionally fired up that Trump botched coronavirus and subsequently destroyed their life? Or, have they abandoned all logic and believe the blanketed statements about police brutality and subsequent peaceful protests? If so, this voter supports Biden. On the other side, does the emotional Independent voter trust the devil he knows over the devil he doesn’t and takes the easy path to four more years of the same. Historically, this proves to be the case, as it’s tough to unseat a sitting president. However, if this year has shown us anything, it’s to take nothing for granted.


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